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①【Bangladesh cute culture】バングラデシュのキュートな文化

তাসসালাকু তালাহকুম :) তামি মামি :)
Hello:) I'm MAMI:)
I went to Bangladesh on Octover 1st to 8th. It's very short time but I could find so many cute cultures♡ I'll show you about them with some pictures ♬

①picking up more than one piece
In Japan, when people give something, almost every people pick up only one piece. However, in Bangladesh, people pick up two, three, four... 
I made many Origamis. This name is shuriken that is Ninjya's weapon. I was glad to meet so nice staff at the hotel♬

②traffic system is out of control 
No line, no traffic light, so noisy, but very few accidents, being good at driving, sometime police officer on a stool or on the street. It's very interesting for me!
Please check my movies that I posted on Facebook.


Bangladesh is a attractive and cute country. I love Bangladesh :)

See you next time♬