I'm a child of understanding another culture.

Hello:) This is my 37th post. 日本語有

Can you find a difference between Japanese schedule and Bangladesh one? 
In Islam society, holiday is Friday. So in this calendar, Friday is red and Saturday is blue.

Today, something happened again. I took out my lunch and came back. Iwent to the restaurant and  ordered a waitress to bring me a spoon and dish. Though I waited her for long time, she didn't come... Unfotumately, she misunderstood about my English and she asked a chef to cook my lunch. After that, a man scold me and that made me mad too:( In the restaurant, he told me that don't  come care and just call. I thought that was your fult, not me. 

Through this experience, misunderstanding with foreigners will happen many times in our lives. It's natural to happen something like that. However I got angry about the incident. I don't need to get angry. I want to be kind in the future. 


今日の事件はお昼におきました。ランチをテイクアウトして、部屋で食べようと思って、お皿とフ フォークを貸してと伝えたけど、全然来ない。遅いなあ〜って思ってたら、私のお昼ご飯作ってた…。あ〜私の英語が悪かったなぁと反省。私悪くないもんって最初は思ってたけどね(^^;;