positive thinking can protect myself from ...

Hello:) This is my 23rd post.

What do you think about positive thinking...?
For me, positive thinking can protect myself from sad inside feelings .

For example, 
I like someone and he is important for me. However, there are some problems so I can't stand by him now...

So I changed my mind.
I forcibly try to tell myself to think that he is one of my good male friend.
If he becomes my just good friend, I don't need to feel sad even though I can't see him. 
What I can do is supporting him as a friend. 

Some people told me that the love was not true, if you really like him, you must be unable to change your mind like that.
However after I told myself to think he is my good friend , I feel good and happy.

To tell the truth, I wanna see him and stay with him. If I continue to like him, there are so much pains ... 
Is this not true love?
I don't think so.

So changing my mind is one of the solution to deal with or control my feelings.

I always try to make feel good :)

It's sometimes very difficult to keep thinking like that but I'll do my best ♬

Thank you .
See you next time ♬